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Our story began in 2009 when we wheeled our first Crepe Cart onto the bustling streets of San Francisco. Picture an old horse trailer transformed into a charming food cart, serving up mouthwatering savory and sweet authentic French crepes that quickly became a local favorite.


The love for our crepes was so overwhelming that it led to the opening of our second location and catering services. Now, our fans can relish the goodness of authentic French crepes not only at our cozy spots but also at their workplaces and special events.


When the challenges of the pandemic arose, we adapted. Closing our physical stores, we pivoted to become a catering-only business, ensuring that the irresistible taste of our crepes continued to grace events, parties, office gatherings, meetings, weddings, baby showers, bar/bat mitzvahs, happy hours, and more throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


As we ventured into catering, our customers, impressed by the delectable crepes, yearned for more culinary delights. This inspired the birth of Zee Cooks Catering, where premium-quality catering extends beyond crepes to offer a diverse array of delectable options.


At Creperie Saint Germain, we are dedicated to upholding our classic legacy of providing the best French crepes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our commitment goes beyond taste, as we continually enhance our menu to cater to a variety of dietary restrictions, including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and kosher. We believe that no dietary restriction should stand in the way of enjoying the best crepes in the San Francisco Bay Area, a sentiment embodied in our motto #haveacrepeday from the very beginning.


Adding a dash of excitement, we offer seasonal menus with themed setups for holidays and activities like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Bastille Day. Our goal is to remain among the top caterers in the area by consistently improving our crepe and food offerings, all while ensuring customer satisfaction. From setting up beautiful arrangements for weddings to donning costumes for Halloween festivities, we strive to keep things fresh and our customers happy, so everyone in the Bay Area can continue to #haveacrepeday with us.

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